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Medical Device Consulting


Years of Multidisciplinary Excellence

For over 20 years, we have been working in the medical device sector, gaining cross-disciplinary experience that covers design activities, control and optimization of production processes, regulatory compliance, implementation of quality management systems, and the design and implementation of post-market activities such as clinical investigations and clinical follow-up studies.


Medical Device Services

Enhance your skills and boost your awareness.

Regulatory Affairs

To achieve and maintain compliance with Regulation (EU) 2017/745.

Quality Assurance

To properly implement and maintain a quality management system


Internal audit services, supplier qualification, distributors, importers, and mandate holders to ensure compliance with industry standards.


Customized training for individuals and companies on quality management, regulations, supplier qualification, and risk management.

Are you seeking expert and reliable support for training and consultancy in the field of medical devices?

Il nostro team di professionisti altamente qualificati offre servizi di formazione tecnico-pratica personalizzati per aiutarti a eccellere in un ambiente complesso e in continua evoluzione.Our team of highly qualified professionals provides personalized technical-practical training services to help you excel in a complex and ever-evolving environment.

Contact us for any consultancy or training inquiries, or simply to ask a question.

We will take care to address your doubts or requests. We will be your support to eliminate uncertainties in the complex regulation of quality management systems or regulatory affairs, or to solve specific issues.